Things we can do for you

Foam Pecker creates large-scale, highly detailed, realistic projects. We use digital design to enable perfect recreations, and hand crafting certain aspects of the finishing process.

Our creations can come out in absolutely any size. A talented team of art directors, sculptors and finishers use state of the art machinery to transform ideas into spectacular exhibits and themed projects.

our products
  • Parade float
  • Foam Décor for events
  • Exhibition installations
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Promotion installations
  • Artistic Sculptures
  • Architectural installations
  • Malls and Commercial Industry Facades
our products
  • Wedding & Social Event Installations
  • Stage production Sets and props
  • Themed environments
  • Large scale promotion installations
  • High Impact Marketing pieces
  • Themed environments for amusement arcades and restaurants
  • Eye-catching retail environments
  • Realistic museum exhibits
our material

The products we create at Foam Pecker are lightweight and can be used long term lasting in multiple weather conditions. Some of the most valued ADVANTAGES we offer our clients are:

  • A fast and more efficient crafting than traditional hand carving
  • A quick turnaround time
  • A high artistic integrity
  • An extraordinary attention to detail